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St. Simons

Sunset in the Golden Isles

Sunset in the Golden Isles.

Shopping in St. Simons

Shopping on St. Simons

Great Boating and Theatre

There's great boating in the Golden Isles.  There's also great theatre. 

Jekyll island Exploring

Hollybourne Cottage.  This is just one of the "cottages" on Jekyll Island that functioned as vacation retreats.  This one was built in 1890.  Visitors can tour the cottage during May on Jekyll Island- only a few miles from St. Simons.

Boating in the Golden Isles

We saw two dolphins today while boating near Fancy Bluff.  One was fishing, going up the river near our house.  The other was spouting, blowing spray into the air.  It was just a lovely day for boating in the Golden Isles.

Rehabilitated Turtle Released by Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island

The Pumpkin King, a rescued sea turtle, was released on the Georgia coast this week after being rehabilitated at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

The Pumpkin King was one of 70 cold-stunned sea turtles taken this winter by the Center after being found off Cape Cod in November and December.

The Pumpkin King was released into the Atlantic after being rehabilitated and treated for a corneal abscess.

The turtle was released with a satellite transmitter.  His progress can be followed at

Jekyll Island Carriage Tours

Narrated Historic Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours

See the cottages of Rockefeller, Macy and Goodyear, as well as the Faith Chapel, The Historic Jekyll Island Club Hotel and much more with a narrated horse-drawn carriage tour with Three Oaks Farm. Each carriage seats between 4 and 15 guests and are approximately 45 minutes long.
Daytime tours(departing from the Island History Ctr every hour) Tuesday – Saturday 10–2, Sunday 2–4.
Evening Tours departing from the Jekyll Island  Club Hotel Tuesday – Sunday 5 PM -until.

sunset near st. simons

Sunset near St. Simons

Cormorant with Wings Spread

Cormorant with wings spread to dry.

Cormorants on the Dock


The cormorants were everywhere when we went on our one boat trip before the weather got really cold.  They dive for fish.

Cormorants do not have water proof feathers, so they have to dry out their feathers. When they do, they sit with their wings extended in a characteristic pose.

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