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Moveable Feast Restaurant

It's nicely decorated with art work, books, cushions.  It's comfortable and the food is really good.  There is a real lack of innovation in and around St. Simons Island in terms of food.  But, this restaurant is an exception.
We started off with a French Sauvignon Blanc, bread and a herb butter.

Island Jerk, Brunswick, Georgia

Caribbean Restaurant in Brunswick.  Try all the meat dishes, jerk and curry.  Great food and they do take out.  Oh, and the plantain are great.   

ISLAND JERK, downtown Brunswick, across from the Ritz Theatre. 

Coastal Kitchen - St. Simons Island

Coastal Kitchen Restaurant, St. Simons

Coastal Kitchen is a reliable favorite for people on the island.  It is one of the few restaurants in the area that combines good food with a view of the water.

Corsair Restaurant Jekyll

Jekyll Island Restaurant: Corsair

This is like a lot of St. Simons/Jekyll Island restaurants - reasonably good, but not something you would wake up and lust after. 

Brunch at Bonefish

Brunch at Bonefish.  Bisquits and unlimited drinks. 

Restaurant: Strong Roots

Strong Roots
Downtown Brunswick, Georgia

Small plates at Strong Roots.  The Chorizo taco was just wonderful, great spices.  This is a restaurant just opened in Brunswick, owned by the people who own Farmer and Larder.  We went on a night when they were just serving small plates, but they were very good.  Give it a try. 

JAxspice in jacksonville

Jaxspice Restaurant
Jacksonville, Fl.

This is a great Indian restaurant at Jacksonville Beach.


Chicken Tandoori with roasted Carots and Beans.

Coconut Chicken Curry and Bullet Naan.

Sauvignon Blanc, Drylands.  New Zealand

Half Shell Restaurant

Spinach Salad at the Half Shell Restaurant.

Restaurant: The Porch

New Restaurant on St. Simons Island

the Porch

This is a welcome new addition to the eating out list on St. Simons.  The Porch serves four different levels of heat on fried chicken.  You can order tenders or bone-in chicken and you can get oven roasted as well as fried.  Even if you are health conscious, you should at least try the fried version.  It's just great.  Not only is the crust just delicious, the chicken meat is moist and really good.  You can eat inside or out on the porch like Southerners love to do.

marina from Coastal Kitchen

Look out on the boats in the Marina at coastal Kitchen Restaurant, St. Simons.  
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