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Cool Cats

Kitties at the Humane Society

This is a sweet kitty left at the Humane Society.  The Humane Society has great kitties just waiting to love you and entertain you.

Gomez from the Humane Society

This is Gomez.  He's at the Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia just waiting for somebody to love. 

Cool Kitty with Character up for Adoption

This beautiful little girl is up for adoption at my vet's office.  She's really sweet and has a friend who has a bob tail.  If you're interested, phone Dr. Ryan at the Coastal Cat Clinic on St. Simons.  This is a face with character. 

Rex Girls At the Humane Society

One of the Rex girls at the Humane Society.  She and her sister were adopted very quickly. 

It's Going to be a Cold Week

Neal got his first boat ride yesterday.  It was rainy and overcast, but he was a champ.  While we were headed into the wind, he was not very happy about having cold air blow up his ears, but once we headed home and the wind was behind us, he got up on the side of the boat and looked out over the water.

We are evidently headed for a 'hole up' week, with uncharacteristically cold weather.  We put the boat up on the lift.

Neal and I will be working on our computers, snuggled up, this week.

Neal's Christmas Week Sunday

It was a cold morning, and you could smell the marsh at low tide.  The pileated woodpeckers were calling back and forth.

The guys worked on the boat, but the motor wouldn't make a sound.  Motors are disloyal, temperamental things, says Neal.

So, we worked on the computer, sent some emails...

We watched some kitty viddies. 

And had a beautiful sunset.  Write your post here.

neal and the boat trip

Neal was ready to go, but the battery on the boat wasn't, so we had to put off the trip until Sunday.  

But, we did get to see a visiting egret, having breakfast on the banks of the Little Satilla.

Little Neal and the Birds

Hey guys. 

I'm Little Neal, happy resident of the Golden Isles.  It's been a beautiful, warm day here, perfect for boating. 

It's also been perfect for keeping an eye on our local wood stork. His beak is bigger than my whole body.  Yikes.  Holy Toledo.

Hung-over kitty

Too much pre-Christmas cheer last night.  

Snow Birds in St. Simons

Cat on the Stailla. 

This is Little Neal, our Burmese cat, on our dock on the Little Satilla River near St. Simons.  

St. Simons is gearing up for our much appreciated "Snow Birds" who spend the winter with us.  They add so much to life and culture here.  We look forward to seeing them every year.

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