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Classif Movies

Classic Movie: 3:10 to Yuma

Last night's classic movie: 3:10 to Yuma (2007).  O.K.  It's a good movie, but not nearly as good as the 1957 version with Glenn Ford and Van Heflin.  First of all, it needed a good editor.  It was way too long.  Second, there is no way Russell Crowe could ever be as charming a bad boy as Glenn Ford, even though Crowe says he's the best actor in the history of the theatre.  The neat thing about Glenn Ford is that he actually likes women, you can tell it by the way he looks at them.

Novel/Movie Series: Anna Karenina

Greta Garbo stars in Anna Karenina, one of the movies in the new Novel/Movie series at the St. Simons Public Library.

 3:10 to Yuma (1957)

August 21, 23.  2-4 PM.  St. Simons Public Library.  Funded by the St. Simons Literary Guild.  

Waterloo Bridge (1931)

Watch the 1931 version of Robert Sherwood's play, Waterloo Bridge" free.  This is one of three adaptations of the play. The 1931 version features Bette Davis.  The 1940 version stars Vivien Leigh.

Classic Movie: Honeymoon for Three (1941)

Honeymoon for Three (1941)

This romantic comedy directed by Lloyd Bacon was one of Brent's attempts doing comedy.  The film got a bad review in the NYT whose critic didn't find it amusing at all.

For moviegoers at the time, the main interest in the film was the romance between George Brent and Ann Sheridan who married something like a year after the film finished shooting.  The marriage, however, didn't last nine months.

The two were said to be ill suited.  Friends said that he had been successful for years and was a homebody.

Maltese Falcon and Mildred Pierce

The Maltese  Falcon and Mildred Pierce on TCM tonight.  What a treat.  No matter how many times I watch these movies, I can watch them again.  If you've never read the novel for Mildred Pierce, pick it up from your local library.  There's not even a murder in it.

Great Turner Classic Movies for Today

TCM Great Classics on Today

Baby Face (1933) 7:30

Not only does this movie have Barbara Stanwyck as a baby, but also George Brent and John Wayne ·

Possessed (1931)  9:00

Joan Crawford and Clark Gable. ·      

The Bride Wore Red (1937)  10:30

Joan Crawford, Franchot tone, Robert young, Billie Burke, Reginald Owen   


Wednesday's Classic Movies - What a Feast

Classic Movies on TCM today.  Today's a great day for TCM fans. 

6:30 AM Love Affair (1939)  Irene Dunne and Charles Boyer

8:00 Woman of the Year (1946)  Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn.  This is the first teaming up of Spencer and Tracy.  Screenplay by Ring Lardner, Jr.,Directed by George Stevens

10:00 AM Notorious (1946)  Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.  Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains,Louis Calhern. 

12:00 PM  Now, Voyager (1942)  Bette Davis, Paul Henreid, Claude Rains,Gladys Cooper, Mary Wickes.

Biographies of Vivien Leigh

Vivien Leigh in "That Hamilton Woman."

Leigh had a successful but tragic life. 

See Biographies

“Vivien Leigh: An Intimate Portrait” by Kendra Bean and Claire Bloom (2013)

"Vivien: The Life of Vivien Leigh" (1994)

"Vivien Leigh: A Biography" by Anne Edwards (2013)

"Damn You, Scarlett O’Hara: The Private Lives of Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier" by Darwin Porter and Roy Moseley (2011)
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