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Camille: A good whopping

We just watched Mr. Trump speak in Pennsylvania.  He dissed women, of course.  He needs a good whopping, in the head.  

Little neal Makes me Sick

Little Neal just makes me sick.  He was never nice to me, not never, not from the beginning when I first came.  He would bow up and strut around and in general act like a jerk, and then sometimes he would jump on me.  So now, I'm not really interested in being friends. 

Camille in Christmas Ribbons

I'm Camille.  We had a great Christmas, but I could do without the jokes.


Camille. Messin with Neal's mind

It's me. Camille. Mom and dad left us again. When they leave lil Neal gets weirded out. He comes downstairs and gets underneath the blanket on the sofa. He wants to be near me but he doesn't want to admit it. 

I like to tell him mom and dad had big suitcases. That they're going to be gone for months. I know. But I like messing with his mind (such as it is).

Camille: I'm just saying...

Hey.  It's me, Camille.  I live with the bonehead (Lil' Neal).  I just want you to know, he gets away with murder.  They let him do everything.  He thinks he owns the second floor, all to himself.  He gets bent out of shape if I even go up there.  I just let him have his way most of the time.  it's easier.  But sometimes, I whop him in the head, just so he remembers who's who. 

One time when mom and dad were gone for the afternoon, I phoned a taxi to come and get Neal and take him to the Humane Society, but the little numbskull got freaked out when the doorbell rang.

Audrey Catburn

It's Camille.

I never get to post because the little dunderhead, Neal, is always on the computer.  Also, he thinks the second floor is his and he doesn't want me up here.  But, I have my ways. 

Mom's obsessed with the election and she and Neal are always arguing about something.  Neal's such a blockhead he thinks a cat's running.  Not that a cat (or some cats) aren't smart enough, but we'd have a hard time staying awake long enough to run the free world.

Camille Quotes Reagan

It's me Camille.  Just look at our house.  That' my window there, the big one.  My bed is just inside that window and I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING.  The squirrels and the possums are going wild, unsupervised and I can't see.  This is never going to end.

I'm just going to quote Ronald Reagan.  "Mr. Menendez take down this plastic."

Mom says I have to tell you Mr. Menendez is the contractor.

I"m going to sleep.

Neal's Blog: Don't Listen to Camille

That' me, Little Neal, on the sailboat, ready to go.  The workers are back.  Dad and I tried to go out the front door - plastic.  We tried to go out the back door - plastic.  We're trapped in here with them pounding away on the outside of the house.

Mom can't do anything but watch television - somebody shot a lot of other people. 

Oh, by the way, don't listen to Camille.  She thinks she knows everything. 

Camille's Blog - The Nucklehead and the Madhouse

Camille Kitty BlogHi.  I'm Camille.  I live in the house with the nucklehead poster, Little Neal. 

He knows nothing.  He's never lived outside.  He's never lived on the street.  I have.  He wouldn't last out there for an hour. 

I used to bring home baby snakes.  That's how tough I am.  So, don't listen to him.

But, things are crazy here.  First, the workers have put a piece of plastic over my window.  MY WINDOW.

Mom put a coffee table right in the window and put a big fluffy pillow on top of it.
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