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BBs Restaurant, jacksonville
Please Mr. Postman
One Woman Show "A Night in Wilkes Ferry"
I threw up on my bed
Swiss Pancakes with Georgia Peaches


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BBs Restaurant, jacksonville

BBs - our favorite restaurant in jacksonville.

The dessert case which includes Gran Marnier cake.  It's just wonderful.  I'm glad we don't live in Jacksonville or I would be riding around town debating whether to go to BBs and get a Gran Marnier cake every few days. 
The Salmon is great as well. 

Please Mr. Postman

It's me, Little Neal, waiting for my kitty decoder ring.

Wait a minute Mr. Postman.  Please, please, please, Mr. Postman...Look and see, if there's a package in your pouch for me.

One Woman Show "A Night in Wilkes Ferry"

"A Night in Wilkes Ferry"

One-Woman Show performed by Dr. Christina Johns at the San Francisco Fringe Festival, September 2017.

"...master craftsmanship."  The St. Mary's Magazine.

I threw up on my bed

It's me, Little Neal.  Mom washed my heated bed and it took forever to get it back.  I threw up on it and yelled until she came upstairs and got it and put it in the washer.  I need a quicker turn around time.  Oh, I"m on Instagram at cjjohns1951

Swiss Pancakes with Georgia Peaches

Swiss Pancake topped with real Georgia Peaches.  There's nothing better than a Georgia peach.  

Mom's going to the gym

It's me, Little Neal.  I know exactly what's going on here.  Mom's going to the gym and I don't like it one little bit.  What happens if I NEED something while she's gone?  A walk, fresh ice water beside the bed, my heating bed turned on, throw up cleaned up, food, a California Dreamin' Treat?  I mean.  What's a kitty supposed to do?  I need more personal staff.

By the way, if you don't get enough of me here, I'm on Instagram at cjjohns1951.

Dinner Last Night

Salmon and cranberry Cauliflower for dinner last night.  Fresh basil out of the garden.  

Burmese Not Russian Blue

It's me, Little Neal.  Mom keeps it so cold in this house.  And, the first floor is tile - it's like an igloo.  I'm a Burmese, not a Russian Blue.  

Indigo Coastal Shanty

Dessert at Indigo Coastal shanty - best restaurant in the area.

Waterloo Bridge (1931)

Watch the 1931 version of Robert Sherwood's play, Waterloo Bridge" free.  This is one of three adaptations of the play. The 1931 version features Bette Davis.  The 1940 version stars Vivien Leigh.

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