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Restaurant: The Porch
marina from Coastal Kitchen
coastal Kitchen
Dad's Dog Sitting
My Peeps are Back


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Restaurant: The Porch

New Restaurant on St. Simons Island

the Porch

This is a welcome new addition to the eating out list on St. Simons.  The Porch serves four different levels of heat on fried chicken.  You can order tenders or bone-in chicken and you can get oven roasted as well as fried.  Even if you are health conscious, you should at least try the fried version.  It's just great.  Not only is the crust just delicious, the chicken meat is moist and really good.  You can eat inside or out on the porch like Southerners love to do.

marina from Coastal Kitchen

Look out on the boats in the Marina at coastal Kitchen Restaurant, St. Simons.  

coastal Kitchen

Coastal Kitchen, one of the best restaurants on St. Simons.  Look out on the boats at the marina.  

Dad's Dog Sitting

This is my Dad. He's gone to the dogs.  Well, one dog in particular.  he's dog sitting with Uncle John's dog, Nettles.  It's going to take weeks to get that smell off him.  He smells like weener dog.  It's disgusting.

My Peeps are Back

These are my peeps.  They're finally home from las Vegas.  it's great.

This is my sister, Camillle.  Well, half sister.  Actually she was on the street when she found us.  Mom says I'm not supposed to cast aspersions on what it means that she was on the street.  Not really sure what that means, but she doesn't have papers.  i know that.  And she's not supposed to be up here on my bed.  Actually she's not supposed to be on the second floor.

Me and Mom

My peeps are back from las Vegas.  Everything's back to normal - me and mom monitoring the decline o western civilization.  it's great.  it's me, of course, little Neal. 

Little Neal: Me and Mom

it's me, Little Neal. this is me and mom.  Write your post here.

Sunset in the Golden Isles

Sunset in the Golden Isles.  The Little Satilla River.

We Miss Robert

We lost our sweet, lovely feral boy, Robert over christmas.  We miss him every day.  Thanks to everybody who followed his story. 

Neal": Looking Forward to Summer

It's me, Little Neal, looking forward to summer in the Golden Isles.
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