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Grouper at St. Simons Seafood Company
Robert Has a Place
Eating in the Golden Isles: rosemary Naan
Camille's Anarchy
What's Cooking: Caprese Eggplant


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Grouper at St. Simons Seafood Company

Grouper at the St. Simons Seafood Company.  The food was good, the decor not so much so.  The restaurant is cold, industrial, and has metal chairs.  Not a place where you would like to stay and drink a bottle of wine and enjoy a meal with good conversation.  

Robert Has a Place

This is Dad and me looking out the study window at Robert. 

Dad says Robert has a place now, a place in the world, a place with us. 

Eating in the Golden Isles: rosemary Naan

Eating in the Golden Isles

Onion Naan

Heat in Saucepan until 100 degrees
3/3 c. whole milk
Transfer to bowl and add
1/4 ounce dry yeast
1 tsp sugar
Let stand until foamy, about 10 min.
whisk in
3 1/2 c. flour
1 tsp salt
Add and Mix util blended but shaggy
Yeast mixture
1 small onion finely chopped
1 c. yogurt
2 tbsp. melted ghee
Transfer to work surface
Keand until smooth, 5 min.
Grease large bowl and place in and turn
Let rise in draft free area until doubled, about 1 hr.
Punch down and divide into 10 pieces
Roll into balls

Camille's Anarchy

This is Camille.  I call her CB (Crazy Bitch) when Mom's not within hearing.  She can get mad quicker than any woman I ever saw.  She'll just go off on you.  she's not supposed to be upstairs.  Those are Neal's rules.  the second floor belongs tome.  But, here she is, right by my bed.  Ever since they started giving her steroids, it's been anarchy.  It's me, Little Neal.  

What's Cooking: Caprese Eggplant

What's Cooking?

Preheat 350
Cut eggplant into thin slices, keep attached at stem
Grease eggplant slices with olive oil
Season with salt and pepper
Cut tomatoes into thin rings
Chop and combine
4 cloves garlic
Basil leaves
Olive oil
Stuff eggplant with tomatoes and mozzarella
Pour herb/oil mixture over and press into fan
Sprinkle with Feta
Bake for 1 hr. 
If liquid still in pan, 200 and bake 15 min longer.
Options: Add ½ tsp lime juice, red pepper flakes,

Neal and the Kitty Pan

it's me, Little Neal.  i try to get mom to take me outside early for my first pee.  I hate the kitty pan and if somebody will just open the door for me, I'll go outside to pee.  I mean, think about it.  Would you get in there with your bare feet and pee?  No.  you get your feet wet sometimes and it's just disgusting.  Besides I have to share a kitty pan with Camille and she doesn't cover up all the time.  She does it just to get under my skin.  She covers up outside, but when she's in the poop pan, she doesn't.  

Coastal Kitchen

Coastal Kitchen, St. Simons Island, Georgia

We hadn't been to Coastal Kitchen in a while.  Right after they changed ownership, we felt that the quality wasn't what it had been.

We were pleasantly surprised this week, though, when we took guests to Coastal Kitchen.

This is the Snapper special on mashed potatoes and green beans.  It was delicious.  it was so good, I couldn't stop eating, but wound up with lunch the next day.  The fish was cooked in wonderful seasonings and the mashed potatoes (something I rarely eat) were just so creamy and full of flavor.

Food Trucks, Music and Good Fun at Mary Ross Park

Mary Ross Park in downtown Brunswick, Georgia.  Food trucks, music and good fun.  Come visit us. 

The Sweet Potato is a wonderful thing.

Robert the Feral Poker Player

it's day five and Robert the Feral comes every night and puts himself to bed on his blanket outside.  We go outside and talk to him every day,but it's hard to know what he thinks.  He'd be a good poker player. 

Trying to get Mom to Take me Outside

This is me, Little Neal, trying to get mom to take me for a walk.

She always gives in. 

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